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1. Andatura
Race management, simulation genre.

2. Ars Regendi
Political online game and economic simulation. Found your own nation and lead your people to fortune and prosperity or secure your power with an iron fist!

3. Bar Tycoon
Collect products, serve customers and compete to be the best bar.

4. Booty Master
Online browser rpg game. Take up the role of a thief, customize your character and commit robberies. Hundreds of items to steal and trade. Unique crime system!

5. Cura Manager
Cura Manager is a 2004 started, completely free, addictive soccer management game. It is easy to learn, hard to master.

6. Desert Operations
War Browser Game

7. Dogzer
Am Internet dog game: adopt a virtual dog, compete in dog shows, choose a profession (groomer, vet etc), create your own kennel club and take care of other players dogs.

8. e-Sims
E-Sim is a simulation of modern world. You can become a virtual citizen of one of 38 virtual countries and participate in it's political, military and economical life. Your citizen can become an ordinary soldier, company owner or run for presidential seat and become the leader of the whole country!

9. F1REM
The Best F1 Manager Game Online Free, the original.

10. FootieManager
An online soccer manager game where you take control of a football club and compete against other managers from all over the world. Free to play.

11. Free Farm Game
Free Farm Game is a turn based farm simulation. Manage crops, livestock, production and many more.

12. Furry Paws
Choose from over 200 different dog breeds and build your kennel from the ground up. Master 16 different dog sports. Build fame and become known to players around the world.

13. Go2Goal
Online football manager browser game you can play for free.

14. GoKickOff
Gokickoff is a online football manager game where you can embrace the challenge of becoming the greatest manager for FREE!

15. Goleada
Free Football Manager: Train Players, rnSelect Squad, Watch Matches Live, Substitutes, Match Betting, Auctions

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